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Boge Platinum Partners

Aroplus (UK) Limited, a specialist in compressed air & fluid handling equipment. With staff, who have many years of experience in this market sector. As a BOGE platinum partner one of our main focuses is the distribution and maintenance of the BOGE compressors, together with associated installations and parts which includes pneumatic/electric control systems & also full piping systems. This includes the full range of Boge’s Easi-Fit series and relevant accessories.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have experts in all areas of air & fluid handling with access to all leading brands of compressors.

Advantages to using Boge Easi-fit

Boge’s Easi-Fit airline systems are the advanced airline solution. Using only high quality aluminium piping and airtight connectors, the BOGE Easi-Fit airline system is quick and ‘Easi’ to install with no welding required. Key features also include the resistances to corrosion, fire and UV.

Due to the thin walled pipe construction, air flow rates are nearly double that of standard poly piping. Also due to the smooth internal face, very little resistance is created in turn reducing pressure drop to an absolute minimum. By doing so increasing flow efficiency and therefore producing significant energy savings, especially within larger systems.

Other advantages of the Easi-Fit pipe include only needing a minimal amount of support. Due to the piping being both lightweight and exceptionally rigid, less than half the supports are needed in comparison to standard piping. Thanks to the rigidity of the pipe, this also prevents water collecting in sags within the pipe.

With a very large choice of sizes ranging from 20mm up to 160mm, the Easi-fit piping can be used within most applications. Being fast and easy to install due to requiring no glue or welding it can also save half the time towards installation.

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